Buddha was asked:
What have you gained from meditation ?

He replied:
However, let me tell you what i have lost;
Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of old age and death…

The western Montana site of the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, just north of the small town of Arlee, is being created on the 60-acre property of Ewam Sang-ngag Ling, nestled in the beautiful and expansive Jocko Valley. The Mission Mountain range of the northern Rockies stretches to the east, the Jocko River flows west, and the charming university town of Missoula lies just 20 miles south.

Traveling through the area offers a scenic drive to the north where you can enjoy Flathead River and Lake, western America’s largest body of fresh water, a number of therapeutic hot springs, and the renowned Glacier National Park.

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